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Do you feel as if you're addicted to alcohol? It's so easy to have a glass of wine or two every evening isn't it?  After all, everywhere you look people are opening bottles, it's become normal to have wine with a meal, to celebrate or commiserate with alcohol.  But are you becoming concerned with the amount that you drink?

Are you wondering, who is in charge? You or the behaviour? If you feel that your behaviour is ruling you, this classed as an addiction. Addiction is a behavior that you keep repeating even when it hurts you or others.

But you don't have a drinking problem, you have a thinking problem! Let me help you to let go of , or cut down, this unwanted addiction.

Let me help you rid yourself of whatever addiction you're in the grip of, this can be a drug problem, nail biting, hair pulling, excessive blinking, gambling or a sex addiction. Call me on 07943 123467.

Have you given up smoking more than once?  But then you start again, even though you keep telling yourself and others that you don't want to smoke anymore?

Maybe you (and your friends and family) are worried about how grumpy you might get as you suffer withdrawal symptoms?  Or you're concerned about putting on weight when you give up cigarettes?

How about if I could help you to give up without any withdrawal symptoms or weight gain?  Let me help you to become free forever.

Call me on 07943 123467 or email me here to find out how you can feel better every day