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Anxiety and Stress


I know that when you're in the middle of a stressful situation, or a panic attack, life can feel very hard. Anxiety and stress are debilitating.  Through the power of the mind, the power of thought, we experience these emotions as real and we believe that the cause of these feelings is outside of us.  Circumstances feel overwhelming and you can't cope.

But I'd like to help you to see that we are only ever feeling our thinking about the cause of anxiety or stress.  Whatever we think about in the moment, we feel.  Contact me here to find out how to let go of anxiety.


There are so many things that we get anxious about.  Many people worry, and if they stop worrying, they worry that they aren't worrying!  We get anxious about social occasions, work, relationships, children, parents, money .........  and so many, many things.  Let me help you to see through the anxiety that you're feeling.

Life can feel stressful. Everyone is rushing around and there is no time to just be.  You might have too much to do at home, or at work, and you can't cope.

You know that stress can kill, you might suffer the physical symptoms of stress but does stress really exist?  If you're feeling stressed, can you put some away in your bag or in a drawer because you have too much to deal with today?  No, of course you can't because it isn't a physical thing, stress is made in the mind and you are feeling the effect of your stressful thoughts. Stress knocks your mental and physical health out of balance

Let me show you how to let go of these feeling and get back to balance. Back to feeling in control and happy.

Neurology influences physiology and every thought we have has a physical response. To be healthy we also need to have a healthy mind and this is easier to achieve than you might think. How can your body function properly if you have an unhealthy mind that is full of stress or urgent thoughts?  Living in a place of stress causes lasting damage to the body and we aren’t always aware of the damage we are doing to the body with our thoughts until it is too late.  

Have you heard of? FOMO  FOMO, fear of missing out, is a new syndrome that more and more people are experiencing.  Being connected to your social networks 24 hours a day can be exhausting and on top of constantly checking everyone's status, it alsolooks like everyone else is having more fun, have more money and has a better life all around.

You might feel as if you're the only person sitting at home on Saturday night with your cat for company and that everyone else is doing better than you. This feeds in to low self esteem, inferiority and social anxiety.

Let me help you to see things differently and allow you to find your innate confidence and wellbeing.

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